Our Annual Apple Picking Trip, 2020 Style, Plus Applesauce and Chutney!

We love to go apple picking in the Hudson Valley. We were excited to gather our haul but it turns out the orchard suffered a frost early on in the year and they lost their crop. So they trucked in bags of apples from their other orchards across the state and hung them in bags on the branches for us to “pick!” Par for the course, 2020! 

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Fall in New York & Apple Picking!

Back in the day before Instagram changed blogging, I used to post my musings about life, food and food on the road. Since we had such a lovely time picking apples, I wanted to talk about all of the delicious vegan food we ate and show off what I made when we got home. That’s what blogging is all about anyway, right?

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Roasted Ramps with Ramp Vinaigrette

I finally found ramps at the farmer’s market this week and I immediately came home and made this platter of deliciousness – roasted ramps with ramp vinaigrette. I ate it all myself and now I am hoping that they will bring more to the market or I will have to wait all the way til next spring to eat this again!

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Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls & Peanut Dipping Sauce

Do you love rice paper rolls? I do. Do you love peanut butter? I do! I updated my original peanut dipping sauce to make it even more delicious and also updated the ingredients that go inside. Check it out!

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