Recipe Redux: Vanilla Pudding

When I was growing up, my Mom would always have My-T-Fine pudding in the refrigerator – chocolate, vanilla and tapioca. You know that stuff? I loved it! It was a great after school snack. But it comes in a box that says “artificial flavor.” Oh my God. I can’t believe I ever ate that stuff. But I do love a good pudding, so I remade all of my favorite pudding snacks (chocolate with avocado and tapioca with chia seed). This is my updated vanilla pudding.

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The Most Flavorful Butternut Squash Soup Ever!

It is still winter. But today, in New York, we are turning the clocks forward today for the annual start to Daylight Savings Time. I still can’t figure out why this is necessary. Is there a petition out there to end this? I mean, the sun rises and sets each day regardless of what “time” we think it is. Can’t we just not save the daylight and go with the flow? Whatever. I digress. This post is about butternut squash soup.

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Beet Pastrami Reuben

IMG_0719 copy.jpg

The Reuben sandwich is one of the first things I veganized and one of the first recipes I ever posted on my blog. I was inspired by the Tempeh Reuben at the old Angelica’s Kitchen. It has since become known as the The Best Tempeh Reuben in Town. But as I have grown as a vegan cook (and photographer), I have learned to get even more creative. This new beet reuben is proof.

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Fire Cider, An Immune Boosting Elixir!

IMG_0376 copy.jpg
Veggies + 8oz Fire Cider!

My son is really into Ninja Warrior and for his birthday we took him to Connecticut for a training session with The Real Life Ninja Drew Dreschel. What a great time! My son got to try lots of obstacles and even hit the buzzer. Drew is a super awesome dude and it was a really great day.

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