Triple Decker Smoky Sweet Potato Quesadillas!

This is one of those things that I made up based on what I had in the refrigerator one day and now it is an absolute favorite around here. Baked sweet potatoes transform into smoky, cheesy flavored goodness that everyone is sure to love!

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Chocolate Pudding (Secret Ingredient: Coconut Meat!)

I love chocolate pudding. I could literally eat it every day. And I actually do! For the longest time, I have made it with avocados (it is a great way to use overripe ones.) I have also been known to make it with butternut squash. But my husband requested a new variation. He wanted me to make it with coconut meat.

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Book Report: The Wicked Healthy Cookbook (Free. From. Animals.) + Bonus Recipe for King Oyster Scallops

I’ve been waiting a long time for the guys behind Wicked Healthy to write a cookbook and today’s the day! It’s the official release of the The Wicked Healthy Cookbook – a plant-based, ground breaking, game changing book that is 80% healthy and 20% wicked (which equals 100% sexy!)

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Smothered African Tofu

You may have noticed that in the last year or so, I have been really going to town with spices and exotic flavors. I am honestly surprised at how my palate has evolved. In the early days of the blog, I hardly used any spices other than salt and that is not really even a spice. But, now? I have a fully stocked spice rack and I am no longer afraid to experiment.

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Lentil Meatballs (Meatless Meatballs)

IMG_0216 copy.jpg

I am using lentils in everything lately. They are super nutritious and easy to make. You can boil them up in no time and have them ready for a meal right then or you can store them in the freezer for any time you need them. Here, I use them in these flavorful meatless meatballs.

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