Vegetable Fried Rice


When I was growing up, we ate Chinese food all the time. It is the food genre I crave the most and this is my personal favorite way to satisfy that craving. Plus, it is oh-so -easy to make and oh-so-authentic! (Wink, wink!) Continue reading “Vegetable Fried Rice”

Creamy Red Lentil Potato Soup

IMG_1018 copy.jpg

I am obsessed with red lentils lately. I have a go-to red lentil soup, my curried coconut red lentil soup, but I am trying to figure out other variations. Here is my first new entry into my regular rotation: Creamy Red Lentil Potato! Continue reading “Creamy Red Lentil Potato Soup”

Pretzel Bites, Two Dips & Easier Pretzel Recipe


My son and I love making pretzels. It’s a great vacation day, mid-winter day, weekend project to get him into the kitchen with and have fun cooking. When we first started making pretzels back in my early days of cooking, I researched the how to and found out you had to use yeast, knead the dough, and do a baking soda bath. A little time consuming but still fun. Continue reading “Pretzel Bites, Two Dips & Easier Pretzel Recipe”

Vanilla Cupcakes: Two Ways

Fresh Strawberries & Lime Zest
Toasted Coconut

I have found that if I am not having a big birthday party, it is easier to make a batch of mini cupcakes, decorate enough for my family and/or guests and freeze the rest. Continue reading “Vanilla Cupcakes: Two Ways”

Golden Baked Tofu


I improvised this recipe while in Florida on vacation. I had a limited selection of what to work with but I am now in love with this recipe. I think there are two keys to this deliciousness: golden maple syrup and fresh orange juice. Continue reading “Golden Baked Tofu”