Buffalo Cauliflower + Yogurt Ranch + Salad

It’s party time! If you are having people over for Super Bowl this weekend, make cauliflower “wings”. They literally cannot be easier to make and they will fly off the plate. Trust me, people will be licking their chops and the platter!ย 

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Shaved Cauliflower Salad (Raw!)

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous bowl of food! How amazing do those little shaved pieces of cauliflower look? Well, they taste even better. This is a definite crowd pleaser – an elegant side, an appetizer or one of several salads on a buffet at a dinner party.ย 

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My New Latke Recipe! (aka Potato Pancakes!)

It’s Hanukah and that means latkes galore! I have made latkes several different ways over the years but I think this recipe is by far the best one yet. Read on for the details. And yes, I am an applesauce AND [vegan] sour cream person!

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No Noodle Individual Eggplant Lasagna Stacks (GF)

Isn’t that a pretty little stack of food? It took about 10 seconds to make it and about 2 to eat. This is another one of those no-recipe recipes, but read on for the ingredients and the method! It would be great for a quick lunch but also a fun family dinner where everyone can pitch in or make them as an appetizer for the holidays when you have people coming over!

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