Chia Oat Parfaits with Chocolate Cashew Cream

These little parfaits were inspired by something I had at a juice place in my neighborhood. I have to be honest – i didn’t like it! It was too much – too thick, too rich, too much. But I liked the idea of overnight oats topped with creamy chocolate. Because, well, creamy and chocolate. So, I created a version that I love and I think you will too. And guess what? Chia seeds and oats are both highlighted in my new book The Vegan ABCs Cookbook! Chia seeds under “S” for seeds and Oats under “O” for Oats! Have you preordered it yet? If yes, thank you! If not, click here for all the details!

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Blackberry Picking + Small Batch Artisanal Berry Jam!

The summer of 2020 is winding down and we are preparing to go back to school. In the words of Jerry Garcia, “what a long strange it’s been!” The last 6 months have been life altering to say the least. Being in lockdown in an apartment in New York City because of a raging pandemic was insane but I wrote a new book, spent every waking hour with my husband and son, and was forced to do nothing when there was nothing to do. On some level, I am grateful for that time but as soon as lockdown ended in June, we started taking trips outside of the city. We spent some time out east on Long Island where we hit up the farm stands and got lots of fresh corn and tomatoes and made several trips to the Hudson Valley, one of our favorite areas. This last time, my plan included picking blackberries!

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Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats Inspired By The Original Bircher Muesli


When I got The First Mess Cookbook, the first recipe I made was the Bircher Breakfast. It is the author’s recipe for overnight oats. I didn’t know why it was called Bircher and she didn’t explain it, but being curious, I googled it. It turns out there was a guy named MaximilianΒ Bircher-Benner, a pioneering physician and nutritionist, who createdΒ muesli, which consisted of apples, lemon juice, nuts, oats, milk and honey.

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