Book Report: Vegan 100 + Three Bonus Recipes!

Do you love new cookbooks as much as I do? I am always excited to see new authors and their vegan creations hit the market. Today, I am talking about Gaz Oakley’s Vegan 100. Gaz, who goes by “Avant-Garde Vegan” and is based in London, only became vegan two years ago but his background as a chef informed the development of the recipes in this book. I have already made three recipes (I got permission to reprint them here) plus I have earmarked a whole bunch more. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what else I cook up. In the meantime, let me tell you more about this book.

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Asparagus, Leek & Green Pea Risotto (Spring Risotto)

Risotto is one of my most favorite dishes ever. And when I start seeing asparagus at the market, I know it’s time to make this dish. I mean, asparagus and peas. Together they are magic. But, wait, are you saying, “Vegan risotto?” Oh yes, vegan risotto!

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Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes

I am in love with these sweet little corn cakes. Let’s face it, corn is my favorite food group and I am always trying to find new and creative recipes to make. This is a copycat of a Cheesecake Factory recipe that is all over the internet. I kind of found it by accident. Let me tell you a story…

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