Chickpea Tagine

Hello from quarantine in New York City! It is May 4th and we are still under New York Pause which means we are working, schooling, cooking, playing and generally doing life at home. We go out for daily walks with our masks, social distance, and clap at 7pm because we care. It has been an interesting time in our lives. Turns out, I am still coming up with new recipes and I wanted to share this one. It was a big hit on Instgram! Here are the details…

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2020 Update: The Blog, A New Book, & Beyond!

Hey everybody! I am writing to you from New York City **on my 50th birthday** in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic 2020. We are on pause here in the city, staying home to save lives. I am writing from my kitchen, where I really love to be, and hoping you are all safe and healthy.

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It’s My 9-Year Blogiversary + Cauliflower Piccata

I kind of can’t believe it, but I have been posting on this blog for 9 years now! Thank you to everyone who has been here from the beginning and along the way. Your support, feedback and conversation has meant the world to me. And it enabled me to have a platform from which I was able to write my book. It’s amazing how things go.

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