It’s My 12-year Blogiversary + Funfetti Marshmallow Cookies!

Happy anniversary to me! This blog has been a really important part of my life and I am so happy to be celebrating 12 years! Can you believe it? I’m still in my kitchen creating new recipes and improving on old ones. I have a good one for you today!ย 

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Buffalo Cauliflower + Yogurt Ranch + Salad

It’s party time! If you are having people over for Super Bowl this weekend, make cauliflower “wings”. They literally cannot be easier to make and they will fly off the plate. Trust me, people will be licking their chops and the platter!ย 

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Shaved Cauliflower Salad (Raw!)

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous bowl of food! How amazing do those little shaved pieces of cauliflower look? Well, they taste even better. This is a definite crowd pleaser – an elegant side, an appetizer or one of several salads on a buffet at a dinner party.ย 

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Tempeh Marengo

People always ask me where I get my inspiration from. It’s from everywhere! My style of cooking is all about making familiar dishes vegan. So, in this case, I took the flavors of Marengo, a French dish named after the battle of Marengo, a victory for Napoleon, and subbed in tempeh for a really tasty and easy dish!

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