Taco Tuesday: Smoky Mushroom Carnitas!

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If it’s Tuesday, it’s tacos in my house. If I have said it once, I have said a million times, anything can be a taco. And if I haven’t said it before, I will say this, almost anything can be veganized. So, how about carnitas? Yes, please!

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Wicked Healthy Beet Tacos

IMG_0409 copy.jpgDo you know the guys behind the Wicked Healthy website? They are brothers Chad and Derek Sarno and they are pretty wicked cool. They are both professional chefs and their food is wicked and healthy. I came across this recipe that the brothers collaborated on with the Purple Carrot and I had to make it at home. Continue reading “Wicked Healthy Beet Tacos”

Taco Tuesday: Baja Style Tacos Two Ways (Hearts of Palm & Artichoke)

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Hearts of Palm Tacos

Baja style tacos can be a lot of things. They are usually some kind of light taco filling topped with cabbage, salsa and sour cream. Here are two ways I like to make them using plants: lime grilled hearts of palm and lemon sautéed artichokes. Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: Baja Style Tacos Two Ways (Hearts of Palm & Artichoke)”

Taco Tuesday: Shredded Maitake Tinga Tacos


I am a firm believer that anything can be tacos (see my other taco recipes here) but in this case, Tinga tacos are a real thing! Tinga is a sauce made with smoky chipotles in adobo, onions and tomatoes. They also call for shredded stuff that I won’t eat so I sub shredded maitake mushrooms and voila! Shredded maitake Tinga tacos! Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: Shredded Maitake Tinga Tacos”