Creamy Risotto with Pan-Seared “Scallops” + Risotto Cakes

I won a box of mushrooms on Instagram! I have never won a contest for anything in my life so it was really fun to win a box of mushrooms from Hokto Kinoko. They sent me four different kinds of mushrooms – Eryngii (aka King Oyster mushooms), Maiktake (aka hen-of-the-woods), Bunashimeji and Bunapi. They are so much fun to cook with because they are so versatile and take on whatever flavors the dish calls for. This is the first thing I made – – I turned the stems of the King Oyster mushroom into “scallops” and served them over risotto!

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Sheet-Pan Tofu with Broccolini, Tomatoes & Lemons

At the end of 2020, the New York Times posted their top 20 recipes. There was a pretty picture of what I thought was tofu and vegetables on a sheet pan. The big white rectangles were actually feta but I decided they should be tofu. So I made it and it is a really delicious and super easy. And it has been in my rotation ever since!ย 

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Honeynut Squash: Recipes for This Time of Year!

Honeynut squash is my seasonal obsession! I discovered this little hybrid squash at the farmers market a few years ago. There are so many ways to use it. Check out my recipe for this yummy risotto here and for soup and quinoa pilaf here. Read on for three more ideas!

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