Coronation Frittata (My Version of The Coronation Quiche!)

Hear ye! Hear ye! The coronation of King Charles III will be taking place on May 6, 2023! The palace has released a recipe for The Coronation Quiche which is not vegan and not to my taste. However, always one to be in on the party, I offer you my easy and delicious frittata recipe instead!

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Blue Plate Special #66: The Good Tofu + Macaroni and Cheese + Broccoli

I love a Blue Plate Special. It reminds me of growing up and the kind of plates my Mom would serve us. Back when I first started this blog over 12 years ago, I posted about my favorite comfort food meal but my ability to create and write recipes (not to mention taking photos of them!) has come a long way. So, here is my updated version. And it includes “The Good Tofu!”

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Shaved Cauliflower Salad (Raw!)

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous bowl of food! How amazing do those little shaved pieces of cauliflower look? Well, they taste even better. This is a definite crowd pleaser – an elegant side, an appetizer or one of several salads on a buffet at a dinner party.ย 

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Tempeh Marengo

People always ask me where I get my inspiration from. It’s from everywhere! My style of cooking is all about making familiar dishes vegan. So, in this case, I took the flavors of Marengo, a French dish named after the battle of Marengo, a victory for Napoleon, and subbed in tempeh for a really tasty and easy dish!

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Easy Summer Eats!

It’s still technically summer! I am not going to even consider fall foods (everything orange, butternut squash, apples, soup!) until after the autumn equinox on the 22nd. So, until then, I will continue to make easy recipes that require a little effort, a little heat (it’s been a hot summer!) and a lot of fresh ingredients. Here are some of the dishes I have been making all summer. You’ve still got time to make them too!

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