The Big Pie Crust + Classic Apple Pie

In my first book, Wait, Thatโ€™s Vegan?!, I have a recipe for a little pie crust that works perfectly for galettes, hand pies and pie bars because I love making small and personal-sized desserts. But because people really love making big pies, I decided it was time to publish my recipe for The Big Pie Crust!

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Easy Summer Eats!

It’s still technically summer! I am not going to even consider fall foods (everything orange, butternut squash, apples, soup!) until after the autumn equinox on the 22nd. So, until then, I will continue to make easy recipes that require a little effort, a little heat (it’s been a hot summer!) and a lot of fresh ingredients. Here are some of the dishes I have been making all summer. You’ve still got time to make them too!

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