Graduation from I am a Certified Plant-Based Professional!

certificate (1) copyCongratulations to me! Today I became the very first graduate of the very first offering of the Professional Plant-Based Certification course. I am proud to say I am a certified plant-based professional!

I learned knife skills, basic cooking methods, how to properly sweat, sauté and roast vegetables, how to properly design a marinade, how to season and flavor my dishes, how to create texture and garnishes, oil free and gluten-free techniques, all about the raw food world including fermentation and dehydration, and how to put it all together for weekly meal inspiration and how to throw a plant-based “shin dig!”

My favorite assignment? Homemade pasta. I thought it was going to be super difficult but it wasn’t at all! I bought the pasta roller attachment for my KitchenAid mixer and next thing you know, I had sheets of pasta dough that I shaped into manicotti and stuffed with tofu ricotta. I froze half of the dough and soon I will be making papardelle (post coming soon!)

I uploaded photos of the food I made, I took 18 written assessments, and took 2 field trips. It has been a wonderful experience and it only took me 4 weeks!! Visit for more information and to sign up so you too can be a confident plant-based cook!

9 thoughts on “Graduation from I am a Certified Plant-Based Professional!

  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait till you post more recipes. Sometimes I can’t get them right but gosh darn I keep trying.

  2. Congratulations Lisa Dawn!
    You’re the first graduate from the first offering of our Pro Plant Based Certification course on Rouxbe. I hope you’ll come back and join us each week for the Live Q&A sessions with your instructor to support the rest of the class. Be sure not to miss any of our guest speaker series over the coming months, I’m so looking forward myself to having this kind of direct access with experts in the plant based world.

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