CSA 2013 Week #8


This week’s haul! I just love all of this summer produce. Big salad with carrots and cucumbers for lunch. Carrot soup and cucumber sandwiches for dinner, a request from my son. And I am thinking of an eggplant and squash napoleon. I am even going to be daring and roast the fennel just to see if I could possibly like it. Will let you know.

1 bunch Mixed Carrots
1 head Green Boston Lettuce
1 head Green Oak Lettuce
1 bulb Fennel
1 bunch Summer Onions
2 lbs. Summer Squash
1 Eggplant
2 lbs. Field Cucumbers
1 bulb Summer Garlic

1/2 peck Peaches
1 box Blueberries

3 thoughts on “CSA 2013 Week #8

  1. What’s a cucumber sandwich? I’ve got two of them from my box and I’m not sure how to use them in a week, eating solo.

  2. it’s a cucumber and Earth Balance sandwich!

    peel and the cut a cucumber the long way, a small cucumber is good for one sandwich. lightly toast 2 pieces of bread and spread each with a light layer of Earth Balance. place the cucumbers on one side, sandwich it up and enjoy! let me know how it goes. lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

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