Saffron Risotto with Roasted Honeynut Squash

I love risotto, don’t you? I have recipes for risotto in both of my cookbooks – one in Wait, That’s Vegan?! for Creamy Risotto with Shredded Zucchini and Basil Kale Pesto and one in The Vegan ABCs Cookbook for Risotto with Peas and Fresh Herbs. If you don’t have my books yet, head over to your local bookstore or online to buy them! But I digress. Let’s talk about this gorgeous bowl of goodness!

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Roasted Cauliflower with Olives & Capers

This is by far my new favorite way to make cauliflower! It’s savory and a tad spicy and I know you will love it too because it got a huge reaction when I posted it on Instagram (you follow me there, right?!) It’s a great side dish that goes with everything from tofu and tempeh and beans to any grain you have on hand like quinoa, millet or barley.ย 

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Miso Day Celebration! + Roasted Garlic Miso Dressing

Today marks the first Miso Day Celebration – a day of recognition for the treasured Miso – an ancient, tastebud enticing ingredient acclaimed for its powerful, umami flavor! I highlighted Miso in the M chapter of my new book, The Vegan ABCs Cookbook, because Miso as an all-purpose seasoning that can be used in both savory and sweet recipes.

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Taco Tuesday: Tofu Tacos with Mango Salsa

It has been a while since I posted a new taco recipe. Well, this is one is super easy and if you love mangos, you will love this combo! It comes together in no time and the flavors and textures are perfection! Maybe don’t wait until Tuesday to make them!

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