Butternut Squash Galette (Cookbook Preview) & Happy Holiday Season!

Hey! Happy holiday season to you all! Here is a great recipe for this time of year – butternut squash galette! It’s a good one and based on a recipe in my upcoming cookbook that is going to be published on February 4th, 2020. I’ll give you the recipe here in this post, but speaking of my book, I think it would make a great gift for the holidays. Click here to read all about it and if you preorder it now, I will send you a both free ebook and a signed sticker plate that you can give to your family or friends when you give them their presents so they know what’s coming in February. Anyway, on to the recipe!

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Fall in New York & Apple Picking!

Back in the day before Instagram changed blogging, I used to post my musings about life, food and food on the road. Since we had such a lovely time picking apples, I wanted to talk about all of the delicious vegan food we ate and show off what I made when we got home. That’s what blogging is all about anyway, right?

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Taco Tuesday: Black Bean Mini Tacos

Another Taco Tuesday idea! I know I post a lot of tacos on this blog, but is there an easier dinner? I love making tacos any night of the week, but I purposely make them on Tuesdays because I like the idea of having a fun food tradition in my little nuclear family.

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Book Report: The Vegan Mac & Cheese Cookbook + 2 Recipes + GIVEAWAY!


You guys…check this out! It’s an entire book of vegan mac and cheese recipes! I am excited that my blog is today’s stop on the blog tour for Robin Robertson’s new cookbook Vegan Mac & Cheese. You are going to want to read on…I’ve got all the details, two recipes to share and a giveaway!

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