Book Report: The Plant Kitchen: 100 Easy Recipes for Vegan Beginners + 2 Bonus Recipes!

I love a good cookbook. Over the last nine years, I have featured over 30 books on the blog and some others on my Instagram. New books are coming out all the time – including mine! – and if you click here to order it, it will be in your hot little hands on Feb 4th! Anyway, today I am talking about The Plant Kitchen: 100 Easy Recipes for Vegan Beginners, Ryland Peters & Small. It is a great new addition to my bookshelf and will be to yours, too. Read on for details and two bonus recipes!

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Sheetpan Teriyaki Tofu & Vegetables

Sheet pan dinners. One of my favorite kitchen hacks, especially when school and work routines get back in action after break. Just chop, drop and roast. I have a recipe in my upcoming cookbook (out Feb 4th!) for sheet pan fajitas. So, if you haven’t preordered it yet, what are you waiting for? Click here for the details. Anyway, I will show you how easy it is with this recipe for tofu teriyaki? Read on…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I love making cookies for the holidays. My specialities are my chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. Both recipes will be in my upcoming cookbook, which is coming out on February 4th, 2020. Click here for details on how to preorder it and get a free ebook! So anyway, I made so many batches this month that my wrist started to hurt and I just couldn’t scoop any more cookies. But, I still have parties to go to and people to gift cookies to. What to do? Turn my chocolate chip cookie recipe into cookie bars. Genius, right?

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Garlic Knots!

Hey! Here is a great recipe for this holiday season – garlic knots! It’s a good one to make for friends and family. And guess what, I have a lot more great recipes in my upcoming cookbook! I know that you know it would make a great gift! So, click here to read all about it and preorder it now. If you order it, I will send you a both free ebook and signed sticker plates that you can put under the tree or the menorah when you give presents so they know what is coming. Anyway, on to these garlic knots!

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