Book Report: Great Vegan Meals + 3 Recipes!

I love this book. It’s simple, easy, and filled with normal recipes that are appealing, which is the point of the book, to appeal to vegans and omnivores alike. It’s written by an Australian blogger named Amanda Logan, from My Goodness Kitchen, and it has inspired me to believe that perhaps, I too, could write my own cookbook.

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Roasted Potatoes Two Ways: Lemon & Maple Mustard


Is there anything better than potatoes? We eat them multiple times a week, mostly roasted in some form. I like to pair them with the basics of a blue plate special. Today it’s roasted cauliflower steaks, steamed broccoli, and fresh tomatoes. But tomorrow, it could be tofu, tempeh or beans!

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Creamy (Protein Packed) Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Can you believe how deliciously creamy this sauce looks? And not only is it dairy free (because I am vegan, hello!), it is soy free, nut free and oil free too, if you want it to be!

Plus, it is packed with protein and tastes so, so good. What is the secret? Red lentils!

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