Yogurt Caesar Salad Dressing

Need a fast and easy way to make a fast and easy Caesar salad? Make your Caesar dressing with yogurt! There are so many great vegan brands out there made from every plant-based milk you can think of—coconut, cashew, almond, oat and soy—as well as pea protein, cassava root and pili nuts. Any of them work in this dressing.

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Burst Tomato Shallot Pasta (Quick, Easy & Delicious!)

What’s your favorite pasta shape? Mine is a tie between spaghetti and macaroni. I believe any sauce/topping situation works on any pasta shape but that’s just me. I love making a little bowl of pasta for whenever I need a quick and easy meal and this is one of my favorites. If you have tomatoes and shallots and some good white wine on hand, which you should, you can make this right now!

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Publication Day: The Vegan ABCs Cookbook!

Today is the day! The Vegan ABCs Cookbook is officially out in the world! If you preordered, it will land in your kitchen today. If not, go over to your local bookstore and see it in all its glory on the shelf in real life!

Thank you for all of your support. I can’t wait to see what  you make!

I have a favor to ask. Would you go on Amazon and write a review of The Vegan ABCs Cookbook? That would be amazing. It is super helpful!

Thank you SO much! 


The Vegan ABCs Cookbook: Bonus Recipe: Garlicky Kale

My new cookbook, The Vegan ABCs Cookbook, is coming out on June 1st! It’s a fun introduction to 26 all-star ingredients – from A to Z – get it? The ABCs! Each chapter focuses on one ingredient with nutrition info, fun facts, how-tos and answers to your FAQs. I curated the list of ingredients, not just because they are vegan, but because they are awesome. Guess what K is for?

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