Taco Tuesday: The Raw Edition


It’s summer time and what better way to celebrate Taco Tuesday than with a cool, easy-to-make, raw taco. It’s walnut meat, which I have posted about before, but I never thought to wrap it in lettuce until I did the raw challenge a while back. I love it for lunch or dinner or any day of the week! Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: The Raw Edition”

Taco Tuesday: Mushrooms & Spinach with Chipotle Crema


These tacos are all about the chipotle crema – silky smooth cashew cream mixed with smoky, tangy, sweet chipotles in adobo. I just recently discovered this culinary delight when cooking from the Smith & Daughter’s cookbook and now I am trying to find any excuse to use them. Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: Mushrooms & Spinach with Chipotle Crema”

Taco Tuesday: Potatoes & Spinach


I always make tacos on Tuesdays. (a) Because it is fun to say and (b) because they are easy to make. Today’s edition is a family fave and super simple – potatoes and spinach drowned in cashew sour crema and guacamole. I like a few shakes of cumin here for flavor, but nothing too heavy. Go crazy and add taco seasoning if you are in the mood! Oh, and a sprinkle of scallions on top because I put them on everything! Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: Potatoes & Spinach”

Taco Tuesday: DIY 10-Ingredient Taco Seasoning + Lentil Tacos


I make tacos every Tuesday! They are fun with whatever is in the refrigerator – literally anything can be a taco. The most important part is the seasoning and so, I put together my own mix to have on hand because it is way easier than measuring each spice every time. Continue reading “Taco Tuesday: DIY 10-Ingredient Taco Seasoning + Lentil Tacos”

Book Report: But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan + Bonus Recipe


Another vegan cookbook! Kristy Turner of Keepin’ It Kind has done it again. She as written a follow up to her first book, But I Could Never Go Vegan. That book addressed many of the common excuses people have when resisting going vegan like “Vegan cooking is too hard” or “I could never give up cheese!” Continue reading “Book Report: But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan + Bonus Recipe”