Curried Corn Soup

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My cousin owns a restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. A friend of mine was traveling to the area and I suggested she go to the restaurant. Turns out she had been there on her last trip and had been dreaming of the curried corn soup she had there ever since. So I asked my cousin to hook me up with the recipe and lucky for me he did! Continue reading “Curried Corn Soup”

Quick & Easy “Inauthentic” Vegan Ramen Noodles


A while back I spied beautiful fresh artisanal ramen noodles at Whole Foods by a company called Sun Noodles. And of course, I had make some ramen but since I have (a) never had ramen and (b) never made ramen, this probably totally inauthentic. It’s super delicious though! Continue reading “Quick & Easy “Inauthentic” Vegan Ramen Noodles”