Pretzel Bites, Two Dips & Easier Pretzel Recipe


My son and I love making pretzels. It’s a great vacation day, mid-winter day, weekend project to get him into the kitchen with and have fun cooking. When we first started making pretzels back in my early days of cooking, I researched the how to and found out you had to use yeast, knead the dough, and do a baking soda bath. A little time consuming but still fun. Continue reading “Pretzel Bites, Two Dips & Easier Pretzel Recipe”

Raw Pecan Pie Balls


I am preparing for a raw challenge. My plan is to for 21 days but not sure I will last that long! I’ll write about my raw adventure soon. But in the meantime, I have already put away half of these little pecan pie balls – they are so good – for snacks! They are really the perfect combination of nutty and sweet, chewy and crunchy. The perfectly perfect healthy snack! Continue reading “Raw Pecan Pie Balls”

Book Report: Blissful Basil + Bonus Recipe

BlissfulBasil_FrontCover copy.jpgI love how many new vegan, plant powered cookbooks are coming out! And this new book, Blissful Basil: Over 100 Plant-Powered Recipes to Unearth Vibrancy, Health & Happiness by Ashley Melillo, which is coming out on December 20th, is an excellent entry! Continue reading “Book Report: Blissful Basil + Bonus Recipe”