Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I love making cookies for the holidays. My specialities are my chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. Both recipes will be in my upcoming cookbook, which is coming out on February 4th, 2020. Click here for details on how to preorder it and get a free ebook! So anyway, I made so many batches this month that my wrist started to hurt and I just couldn’t scoop any more cookies. But, I still have parties to go to and people to gift cookies to. What to do? Turn my chocolate chip cookie recipe into cookie bars. Genius, right?

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Fall in New York & Apple Picking!

Back in the day before Instagram changed blogging, I used to post my musings about life, food and food on the road. Since we had such a lovely time picking apples, I wanted to talk about all of the delicious vegan food we ate and show off what I made when we got home. That’s what blogging is all about anyway, right?

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Galettes Galore + The New New Pie Crust (Sprouted Wheat Flour)

Is that a galette? A crostada? A rustic pie or a deconstructed pie? Whatever you call it, it’s delicious and easy. I personally like calling them galettes and making them instead of proper pies so read on for a foolproof, healthy way to make desserts all summer with whatever fruit you have on hand.

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