Broccoli Quiche!

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I have been in search of a vegan quiche for years. I have tried variations using tofu as the base but found them to be too heavy. I have tried using chickpeas and chickpea flour which are both good but also not my favorite. (I stopped making them.) But, here, finally, I have a recipe that works. It is based on the recipe that Selma, the owner and cook of Bloodroot Vegetarian in Connecticut, gave me. Continue reading “Broccoli Quiche!”

Buckwheat Pancakes v2


Ok, so my husband loves pancakes but he doesn’t want to eat white flour first thing in the morning. So, I updated my old buckwheat pancake recipe to make it easier to make in the morning before school. In the old days, I used fresh almond meal but now it is just a simple mix with ingredients I always have on hand and voila. Easy, weekday pancakes. And they are gluten and refined sugar free! Continue reading “Buckwheat Pancakes v2”

Challah v2 + Overnight Baked Challah French Toast


I love making challah but just like with my other bread, I don’t like to knead. But guess what? You don’t need to knead challah bread either! So I experimented with my challah recipe and guess what? It works! You just dump all of the ingredients into a bowl and let it rise all by itself. Continue reading “Challah v2 + Overnight Baked Challah French Toast”

Book Report: The No Meat Athlete Cookbook + Bonus Recipe

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With all of the new vegan cookbooks hitting the scene, I am happy to report on this one: The No Meat Athlete Cookbook. It’sย simple, easy and no fuss. Nothing too fancy. No trying to reinvent the wheel. Matt Frazier, the No Meat Athlete,ย and Stepfanie Romine, got together to create easy meals that are designed “to fuel your workout and the rest of your life.” It’s coming out tomorrow and I have a preview for you today! Continue reading “Book Report: The No Meat Athlete Cookbook + Bonus Recipe”