Vegan Egg Rolls v2 (Baked, Not Fried!)


I love making egg rolls, okay really they are technically spring rolls, but I am no longer into deep frying anything! So, I am coming up with baked versions of all of my favorites, like these baked little numbers with Twin Dragon VEGAN egg roll wrappers! You can add anything you want. Today, I switched up snow peas for scallions. And of course, no egg roll is complete without homemade duck sauce. Continue reading “Vegan Egg Rolls v2 (Baked, Not Fried!)”

Avocado Mash with Cucumbers & Radishes


I love avocados. Who doesn’t? I buy them every week so I always have them ready to go for guacamole, diced on top of salad, or simply mashed with lime juice. I also always have cucumbers and radishes. So I came up with this little appetizer because these three together are pretty amazing. And look at that plate. It is so pretty! We use the cucumber and radish rounds to scoop up the avo mash. Easy, healthy, kid friendly. Continue reading “Avocado Mash with Cucumbers & Radishes”

Book Report: Salud Vegan Mexican + TWO Bonus Recipes


You guys! This is my favorite new cookbook! It is going to be a challenge the likes of which I have not seen since I started cooking vegan. Eddie Garza, a brilliant vegan chef, has put together Salud Vegan Mexican with 150 recipes – from tamales to churros. So much of this book is foreign to me and thus I have no idea what I will be making! Continue reading “Book Report: Salud Vegan Mexican + TWO Bonus Recipes”