Publication Day: The Vegan ABCs Cookbook!

Today is the day! The Vegan ABCs Cookbook is officially out in the world! If you preordered, it will land in your kitchen today. If not, go over to your local bookstore and see it in all its glory on the shelf in real life!

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The Vegan ABCs Cookbook

Make Better Plant-Based Meals with All-Star Vegan Ingredients! That’s what The Vegan ABCs Cookbook is all about!

This must-have guide is indispensable for anyone who’s new to plant-based cooking. There’s no need to rely on sad pasta dishes or boring salads to stick to your diet―Wait, That’s Vegan?! author Lisa Dawn Angerame guides you through twenty-six of the most important ingredients in vegan cooking so you can reach your full potential in the kitchen. You’ll start with aquafaba, beets and coconut milk and make your way to XO sauce, yogurt and zucchini with these simple yet flavorful recipes.

With this book, there’s no need to feel intimidated, as Lisa devotes each chapter to a different vegan staple, giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with each one. Never again puzzle over the difference between flaxseed and aquafaba as egg substitutes, or between portobello and jackfruit as meat substitutes, because this book has you covered. Plus, once you know the basics behind these vegan ingredients, the sky’s the limit. Do you crave savory, indulgent favorites, but aren’t sure how to make them vegan? Dive into cooking with nutritional yeast as you make a melt-in-your-mouth Classic Crusty Mac and Cheese, or get familiar with aquafaba and whip up some Not Your Grandma’s Gnocchi. More of a dessert fan? Try a flaxseed-rich Banana Caramel Upside-Down cake, drizzled with a Sweet Buttery Miso Caramel Sauce.

Whether you’re new to vegan cooking or looking to deepen your understanding of plant-based ingredients, this book is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to make amazing and nutritious vegan meals.

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Here is what people are saying!

“Lisa’s knowledge of ingredients both in terms of their culinary uses and their nutritional values is encyclopedic. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone new to plant-based cooking.”
―Peta Leith, author of The Vegetarian Kitchen

“Lisa’s recipes will guide you into the world of plant-based ingredients you never knew you needed.”
―Erica Kubersky, founder of Orchard Grocer

“Whether you’re a plant-based veteran or beginner, this is an essential guide to some of the most beloved ingredients used in plant-based cooking.”
―Nava Atlas, author of 5-Ingredient Vegan and Plant-Powered Protein

“Lisa’s technique of using the freshest ingredients in easy-to-follow recipes is the reason why her books get a lot of mileage in our house. She is my vegan chef idol!”
―Joey Arbagey, EVP of A&R, EPIC Records

“Smart, no-nonsense, and purposeful, Lisa’s approach is for anyone who is thinking about incorporating more plant-based meals in their repertoire!”
―Linda Soper-Kolton, vegan chef and author of Compassionate Cuisine

“This is the guide that every plant-based newbie needs in their kitchen!”
―Jenn Sebestyen, author of The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook and creator of Veggie Inspired

“Thinking about incorporating more plant-based meals into you daily routine, but daunted by unfamiliar ingredients or confusing recipes? With Lisa as your teacher, learning the essentials will be as easy as 1-2-3.”
―Hannah Kaminsky, author of Real Food, Really FastSweet Vegan Treats and many more

“Lisa demystifies vegan cooking in this comprehensive cookbook.”
―Dr. Ethan J. Ciment, President of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and co-author of NYC Vegan

“If you want to go vegan but are in need of some guidance, you need to run out and pick up a copy of this book right away!”
―Dianne Wenz, vegan health and lifestyle coach, author of The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook and Eating Vegan

“Like a scientist tinkering in her lab, Lisa has done the trial and error so you don’t have to! With the amount of knowledge and research packed into these pages, this book is bound to be a game changer!”
―Allison Kennedy, vegan chef and youtuber

“With this book, you will be ready to expand your vegan culinary repertoire in no time.”
―Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC, President PCRM, author of The Vegan Starter Kit and many more

“From A to Z, this is the ultimate guide for learning about all kinds of vegan ingredients and making delicious and easy meals.”
―Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, author of Strength in Stillness

Wait, That’s Vegan?!

Wait, That’s Vegan?! is a collection of genius plant-based takes on all of your favorite dishes. There are 70 recipes that are incredibly tasty, shockingly hearty and amazingly accurate vegan-versions of all those meat, fish and dairy dishes you still crave. With these plant-based meals, eating vegan will never again mean giving up the flavors you love. Recipes include:

Carrot Lox * Crabless Cakes * Lentil Bolognese * Meatless Meatballs * Chickpea Scampi * Crispy Tempeh Bacon BLTs * Eggless Egg Salad * The Beet Burger * Portobello Steaks with Creamed Spinach and Herbed Butter

This mouthwatering collection of recipes will have you whipping up such creamy, decedent and rich meals that you’ll have to stop and ask yourself: Wait, that’s vegan?!

Buy it wherever books are sold!

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Here is what people are saying:

Lisa Dawn Angerame has a knack for creating vegan recipes that seamlessly evoke the favorite dishes we know and love from growing up, from po’ boys to bolognese, french toast to mac n’ cheese. She creatively reimagines these classics with plant-based ingredients while retaining a sense of respect for their identity and the cherished place that they’ve earned in our memories and those of our families. This book will give the new vegan tools for making a transition without sacrificing comfort, tradition, or taste.
– Gena Hamshaw, author of The Full Helping blog and Power Plates

The best cookbooks are those which teach you something new to create exactly the flavors you crave. Lisa has this down to a science, reclaiming nostalgic comfort foods and unveiling all new culinary delights with ease. This is plant-based cuisine for the accomplished cook, the everyday cook, the reluctant cook, and even the non-cook. If you just want a quick breakfast scramble without using eggs, you’ve got it. Looking for an unbelievably hearty bowlful of meatless meatballs? No problem at all. These recipes are more than just eye-candy; this is a cookbook you’ll actually use on a regular basis.
– Hannah Kaminsky, author of Real Food, Really Fast, Sweet Vegan Treats, and many more

Whether you’re a new or long-time vegan, you’ll want to make room in your kitchen for this book! Written with the authenticity that only comes from living and learning about eating vegan, Lisa’s straightforward style is like having her right beside you in the kitchen. Whether it’s a new spin on an old classic or a creative approach to a familiar ingredient, these are recipes you’ll turn to again and again, not just because they’re vegan, but because they are simply amazing!
– Linda Soper-Kolton, Vegan Chef at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, lead author of Compassionate Cuisine: 125 Plant-Based Recipes from Our Vegan Kitchen

Through her easy-to-follow recipes, Lisa makes vegan cooking accessible to everyone, creating vegan versions of classic foods using everyday ingredients and pantry staples. New vegans and vegan-curious people will see how easy it can be to make delicious vegan food and longtime vegans will find plenty of new recipes to add to their menus. From breakfast though dessert, Lisa’s recipes will keep you well fed all day long.
– Dr. Ethan J. Ciment, President, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and co-author of NYC Vegan, Iconic Recipes for a Taste of the Big Apple

I just love this book. Every one of your favorite foods has been transformed into a recipe that is tastier than you could ever have imagined. In the bargain, the recipes are delightfully healthy, thoughtful, and 100% ethical. This is a culinary home run.
– Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC, President PCRM, author of The Vegan Starter Kit, and many more

What’s my go to chocolate vegan cake? What’s the best way to make tofu scramble? How do I make the best nut milk ever? All these answers and so much more vegan goodness in this love filled, delicious cookbook by a woman that inspires me every day to eat cruelty free! Lisa Dawn has taught me so much about vegan cooking that I could practically write my own cookbook. Luckily, I don’t have to because she has written the best, easiest, step-by-step cookbook I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I’m a super busy record executive, so her easy go-to recipes help me stay healthy without spending extra time in the kitchen. I simply adore this cookbook. It’s a must have!!
– Joey Arbagey, EVP of A&R, EPIC Records

Lisa Dawn Angerame has hit the sweet spot!  If you are looking for a cookbook that combines incredible health and amazing flavor, this is the one for you.  She has tastefully crafted dozens of amazing recipes that will keep even the most discerning palates coming back for more.
– Robert Ostfeld, MD, MSc, Director, Preventive Cardiology, Montefiore Health System

After personally experiencing the transformative power of a plant-based vegan diet, I became passionate about educating others on how good food is the key to health. When people ask me for resources to inspire and support their shift towards plants, this book is now at the top of my list. It’s full of delicious, flavorful, and easy-to-make veganized recipes of all of my favorite foods.
– Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President

This cookbook is fantastic! Lisa’s writing is engaging and entertaining and her recipes are creative and delicious. It’s the ultimate guide for healthy, fun eating!
– Bob Roth, CEO, David Lynch Foundation, author of Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation

Lisa’s debut cookbook is worth adding to your shelf, no matter how many vegan recipe collections you already have. The book is a mix of simple weeknight meals and elegant dishes for company or special occasions, with a nice balance of sweet and savory. Lisa’s passionate about plants — and her love of cooking and nutrition are contagious, page after page. She has skillfully ‪veganized her favorite dishes, and the results are flawless yet simple to execute at home.
– Stepfanie Romine, co-author of The No Meat Athlete Cookbook and author Cooking with Healing Mushrooms

Traditional meat and dairy recipes have been documented and elaborated upon for decades now, and though sometimes there is a new twist on an old process, there is not much new to learn about Western nations’ meat and dairy dishes. These days, however, there are many more vegans amongst us, finding new ingredients and new techniques in the search to recover old favorite recipes in a new vegan format, or to create new dishes altogether, and what a pleasure to find that so many such cooks exist! Lisa Dawn Angerame is one of these explorers. She was quite sure she could ‘veganize’ all her old favorites, and this volume is proof that her efforts are successful. Cook well and enjoy!
– Selma Miriam, founder of Bloodroot Restaurant and coauthor of The Best of Bloodroot, Volumes 1 and 2 and The Bloodroot Calendar Cookbook

Lisa Dawn Angerame has given us a well-thought out cookbook filled with scrumptious recipes that will have everyone, not only vegans, wanting to get into their kitchens and cook. With recipes to take you from morning ‘til night, and of course the dessert course, you will be set.
– Fran Costigan, Director, Vegan Pastry and Baking at Rouxbe Cooking School, and author of Vegan Chocolate: Unapologetically Luscious and Decadent Dairy-free Desserts