My New Latke Recipe! (aka Potato Pancakes!)

It’s Hanukah and that means latkes galore! I have made latkes several different ways over the years but I think this recipe is by far the best one yet. Read on for the details. And yes, I am an applesauce AND [vegan] sour cream person!

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Maple Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Pomegranate Seeds

I have officially figured out a way to make everyone LOVE Brussels sprouts and you will want these on your table as soon as possible – Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner perhaps?! Just double or triple the recipe to feed as many people as you have over to celebrate.

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Honeynut Squash: Recipes for This Time of Year!

Honeynut squash is my seasonal obsession! I discovered this little hybrid squash at the farmers market a few years ago. There are so many ways to use it. Check out my recipe for this yummy risotto here and for soup and quinoa pilaf here. Read on for three more ideas!

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Saffron Risotto with Roasted Honeynut Squash

I love risotto, don’t you? I have recipes for risotto in both of my cookbooks – one in Wait, That’s Vegan?! for Creamy Risotto with Shredded Zucchini and Basil Kale Pesto and one in The Vegan ABCs Cookbook for Risotto with Peas and Fresh Herbs. If you don’t have my books yet, head over to your local bookstore or online to buy them! But I digress. Let’s talk about this gorgeous bowl of goodness!

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