Easy Strawberry Cake (Secret Ingredient: Frozen Strawberries!)

It’s the middle of the winter and I am making this delightful strawberry cake with…wait for it…frozen strawberries! They are such a great kitchen hack. Think about it. Berries frozen at the peak of ripeness? Perfect for middle-of-the-winter cake that needs some freshness! Read on for the details!

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Raw Valentine’s Day: Raw Strawberry Tarts

I love making cute heart shaped desserts for Valentine’s Day! And these little hearts are no exception! I made the crust with pecans and dates just like my raw pecan pie balls. And the filling is strawberries and cashews. I use coconut butter butย if you want a more decadent tart, use coconut oil. Whatever you […]

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Strawberry Strawberry Short Cupcakes + Happy 2015!

While shopping at Whole Foods, my son challenged me to make a strawberry cupcake and then layer it like a strawberry shortcake with vanilla icing and fresh strawberries. It was like our very own Cupcake Wars. I ran back to the kitchen and grabbed a package of freeze dried organic strawberries that I happen to […]

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