Vegan Mofo 2014: Recipe Roundup!

Hello friends and fellow bloggers! It is the Vegan Month of Food again! Last year (MoFo 2013) I blogged about my oil free experiment and the year before that (MoFo 2012) I posted lots of recipes and info about my favorite cookbooks, meeting the animals, raising a vegan child, eating vegan in a non-vegan restaurant, and my favorite […]

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Lisa’s Greatest Hits: Rounding up My All Time Favorite Recipes

What a great month of food it has been! I have been blogging for 3 1/2 years and it has been great scrolling through old recipes…some I even forgot about and will certainly go into the rotation, ASAP. I was even highlighted on the Vegan MoFo roundup last Thursday. What an honor! So here it is…the […]

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Tofu Roundup

Tofu is a great vegan “protein” and is very versatile. It takes on the flavor of a marinade almost immediately and can be grilled, baked, breaded, or pan fried. I serve it on what I call a “Blue Plate Special” because it is an old restaurant name for the daily special that had a protein […]

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Sorbet & Popsicle Roundup

This roundup is for my son. This is probably his favorite food group: fruit in the form of ices (sorbet) or ice pops (popsicles). Sorbet takes a few extra steps but totally worth it. 1. Fruit Sorbet. Very popular and easy to make all year. Any fruit works. I also love mixing different berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries […]

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