Panzanella #2

I am in LOVE with this version of panzanella salad. It is like deconstructed bruschetta! It’s a little more traditional than the original panzanella I recently posted and it is amazing! serves 2 1 cup of cubed leftover bread (1/2 small loaf of rustic style bread) 1/4 red onion 12 grape tomatoes Bunch of fresh parsley […]

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I loving making this classic bread salad with fresh summer cucumbers and tomatoes. Then, I add in colorful bell peppers, which I always have in the house, and toasted cubes of homemade bread, and there is usually none left! serves 2 1 cup of cubed leftover bread (1/2 small loaf of rustic style bread) 1 […]

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Bread, Breadcrumbs & My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Bread Breadcrumbs My New Kitchen Scale I have long wanted to bake my own bread. Regularly. I make so much of what we eat and bread should be on the weekly prep list. But even though my rustic bread recipe is easy, I wasn’t up for kneading it every weekend. Over the holidays we were talking […]

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Bread, Tortilla & Cracker Roundup

To me, there is nothing better than homemade bread. Right out of the oven. And homemade crackers. And homemade tortillas. Once you go homemade, you can’t go back. 1. Rustic Bread. And then turn it into crostini or panzanella. 2. Corn Bread. Great any time of year. Working on a new Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing. Post coming soon! 3. Pita Bread. […]

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Salad Roundup

Even though I have a lot of recipes for salad, this roundup is not about salad salad like greens and stuff. It’s about dishes we call salad. 1. Panzanella. Two ways. Panzanella (Peppers, Cucumbers & Tomatoes) Panzanella #2 (Tomatoes & Onions) 2. Coleslaw. Also make this with red cabbage, carrots and apples. 3. Potato Salad. […]

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