Chocolate Pudding (Secret Ingredient: Coconut Meat!)

I love chocolate pudding. I could literally eat it every day. And I actually do! For the longest time, I have made it with avocados (it is a great way to use overripe ones.) I have also been known to make it with butternut squash. But my husband requested a new variation. He wanted me to […]

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Chocolate Pudding (Secret Ingredient: Butternut Squash) with Vanilla Cashew Cream

When I was a little girl, my mother made chocolate pudding all the time. It was out of a box, My-T-Fine, but it was my favorite. So I always have some variation of a vegan chocolate pudding in my house. I have posted a bunch of different recipes for chocolate mousse and pudding but as I […]

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Recipe Redux: Avocado Chocolate Pudding

I make this almost every week since I always have everything in the house. It is perfect for the just overripe avocado. I have started adding mesquite powder because I think it adds depth of flavor, but it is optional, as this pudding is just as good without it! 1 perfectly ripe avocado 3 tablespoons […]

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Taste Test: ZenSoy Milk & Zen Chocolate Pudding

A few weeks ago, my son was attending a camp at a local kid’s gym during spring break from school. I dropped him off and then stopped at the front desk to ask about the snack, to confirm it was vegan. In the past, snacks consisted of pretzels and fruit, so it was kind of […]

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