Chocolate Mousse Pudding

I just love this chocolate mousse pudding. I couldn’t decide what to call it – mousse or pudding. It’s both! If you like to call your food raw, then you can call it raw chocolate mousse pudding. It is made from … Continue reading

Raw Chocolate Mousse by Chef Linda from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary

24 hours at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) will do a person good! We stayed in the lovely and newly renovated homestead and woke up in the fresh mountain air. Then we spent the morning with the amazing animals at the … Continue reading

Most Popular Recipes

These are the most popular recipes on Lisa’s Project: Vegan! Plus, a few of my favorites, too. Breakfast Morning Shake-y Shake (Smoothie) Pancakes  French Toast Chickpea Crepes Tofu Scramble Overnight Oats Granola Banana Bread Tempeh Tempeh Meatballs Tempeh Meatloaf Tempeh … Continue reading