It’s My 10-Year Blogiversary + How to Use Aleppo Pepper Chili Oil

Hello everyone! I am so excited that today is my 10-year blogiversary! Let me say that again…10 years!!! What?! How?! I started this blog a decade ago when I was at home with my little baby who was sleeping most of the day and I was teaching myself to cook. I’ve come a long way, baby! Thank YOU all SO much for reading and cooking all of these years.

The blog world has changed so much over these last years but one thing that has not changed is YOUR support! I would not have become a published author without you. My first book, Wait, That’s Vegan?! came out last year. If you haven’t done so already, I would very much appreciate it if you would go over to Amazon and write a review for it! And, my new book The Vegan ABCs Cookbook is coming out on June 1st. If you haven’t preordered it yet, what are you waiting for? I will send you a free ebook with 5 bonus recipes that didn’t make it into the book. Click here for the details.

On this blogiversary, I am so thankful and grateful for your emails and your comments on my recipes. And I especially love hearing about your successes and twists you make on them.

I am still posting here on a monthly basis, so keep an eye out for new recipes but you can always find me on Instagram! Today, I wanted to give you a few ideas for what to do with the Aleppo Pepper Chili Oil I posted recently. Have you made it yet? Yes? Great. No? What are you waiting for? It is so, so good and lasts forever. I am literally drizzling it all over everything but here are three ideas for your next meal!

  1. Drizzle it over tofu. It’s on the tofu on the plate on the right. The tofu on the plate on the left is topped with apple chutney from a few posts back.

2. Drizzle it over a big bowl of ramen. Boil up your favorite ramen noodles (I love public goods brand) and while they are boiling, heat some oil in a skillet and sautรฉ some tofu cubes with a drizzle of tamari and lime juice. Add some zucchini rounds and cook until just starting to brown. Heat up some corn. Frozen or canned work perfectly. Use a spider strainer to lift out the ramen noodles and make a quick broth with the noodle cooking water. Add a tablespoon of miso and whisk it well until it is completely dissolved. Add the ramen noodles to a bowl and arrange with the tofu, zucchini and corn over the top. Garnish with sliced scallions and drizzle chili oil over top!

3. Drizzle it over udon noodles. Boil up some udon noodles and while they are boiling, heat some oil in a skillet and sautรฉ some some zucchini half moons with tamari and a hit of maple syrup. Add chopped bok choy and edamame and cook until the bok choy is completely wilted. Add the udon to a bowl, add the vegetables and top with a healthy drizzle of chili oil.

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