Happy Holidays from Lisa’s Project: Vegan!


Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your families a healthy, safe and wonderful new year. All the best for 2021! 

This has been quite a year. I want to thank you all for your continued support for my blog and my book, Wait, That’s Vegan?! If you have not already done so, and you feel so inclined, I would be so honored if you would hop on over to Amazon and write a review for it. It helps the whole algorithm thing! And guess what? I have another book coming out in May! Keep your eyes peeled for an email all about it and how to get a free bonus ebook! More on that soon.

I hope you will be eating some wonderful food and spending quality time with your immediate family…even though you probably have been for last ten months!

I have all kinds of dishes on deck for the holiday including this linguine in “clam” sauce for the “Feast of the Seven Fishes” of which there will be one and it’s not fish! It’s mushrooms! For dessert, I made a panettone babka, or as my son aptly name it “panebabka”, because my husband requested a panettone and I had to come up something. If you want the recipes, email me.


And we made Cowboy Cookies for Santa that I posted yesterday. We will be putting them out next to the Christmas tree along with some carrots for Santa’s reindeer. And, tomorrow I will be making dumplings and wonton soup because I’m Jewish and growing up we always had Chinese food on Christmas Day!

[Christmas Day update: homemade won ton soup!]

From my family to yours, all the best!





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