Cauliflower Steaks over Homemade Polenta with Purple Potato Chips

There’s a column in the New York Times by Sam Sifton where he highlights no-recipe recipes. After all of these years blogging and having just completed my first cookbook, sometimes I need a break from actual recipes and opt for an improv meal. And you can too!

It’s not totally improv, it’s made up of recipes I have posted before. In this case, it’s big cauliflower steaks on top of one of my favorite things ever – homemade polenta aka creamed corn. It’s summer after all and I can’t stop eating corn. So here is a fun, delicious easy way to make it for lunch or dinner.

It’s one recipe for homemade polenta, one head of cauliflower cut into big steaks, brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and roasted until brown and tender, and a few purple potatoes cut into super thin slices, tossed with oil, sprinkled with salt, and baked until crispy. And of course, a few chives for garnish. Because, a garnish makes any dish look and taste better!

Make this or something like this and let me know what you come up with. Enjoy!

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