How to Make Cashew Cream

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I get asked all the time how to make cashew cream. So here it is and it’s not complicated. I blend cashews and water in my Vitamix and turn them into a perfectly smooth cream. The texture is out of this world and until I got my Vitamix I had no idea it was possible. So, I am a big fan. If you don’t have a Vitamix, you can soak your cashews overnight and use a regular blender. I can’t guarantee the level of smoothness. But trust me, it is time for a Vitamix if you don’t have one. I use my at least once if not twice a day and it has changed my life. I know the price is hight, but it is well worth it.

Anyway, to make cashew cream, you will need:

1 cup raw cashews
Enough filtered water just to cover the cashews
Another 1/4 cup filtered water, if necessary
Storage jar

Add cashews to the Vitamix or blender. Add enough water to just cover the cashews. Blend.

Depending on the strength and age of your machine, your cashews may not be perfectly smooth.

I have two Vitamixes. In one, my first blend looks like the first photo below and I need to add a bit more water. In my other Vitamix (it is newer and the blade is sharper) the first blend comes out perfectly smooth.

Check the consistency before adding more water!

IMG_0381 copy.jpg

Cashews after first blend 

IMG_0388 copy.jpg

Cashew cream after adding a bit more water

IMG_0389 copy.jpg

Beautiful cashew cream!

To turn your cashew cream into anything you want, add flavors.

For sour cream, add a dash of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. You will have to play to balance the flavors out. The longer it sits, the more tart the sour cream will become.

Make hollandaise sauce, easy creamy salad dressing, chipotle crema, lemon or lime crema, sweet maple cream, really anything that you can think of!

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