Baked Alaska!


Do you know Baked Alaska? My family used to go on cruises when we were growing up and the parade of the flaming Baked Alaskas in the dining room on the last night of the trip was always very exciting. It’s cake and ice cream covered in meringue that is lit on fire!

In my version, cake and ice cream are covered in aquafaba meringue and torched with my kitchen torch which makes it taste like marshmallows! If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember my sad, naked Baked Alaska from last July 4th. It was an awesome chocolate cake topped with strawberry ice cream! Sadly, I had an aquafaba fail because it wasn’t viscous enough. Lesson learned. You can either use the bean water from a can of chickpeas which tends to be more viscous than homemade or reduce your own aquafaba down a bit.


But we ate that bad boy anyway! Now, this is what whipped aquafaba should look like!


For individual Baked Alaskas, crumble up a cake (or cupcakes or brownies) and press them lightly into small dishes. Add a layer of ice cream and top with aquafaba. Torch and eat.


For one big cake, make ice cream the way you normally do or let a 1 1/2 quarts of ice cream soften. Pour it into a bowl lined with plastic wrap and wrap the whole thing up. Freeze until solid.

Make a 9″ round cake.

When ready to serve, place the cake on a serving dish. Turn the ice cream over so the dome is on top and take the plastic wrap off.

Top with fluffy meringue and torch. Serve and eat!

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