Avocado Mash with Cucumbers & Radishes


I love avocados. Who doesn’t? I buy them every week so I always have them ready to go for guacamole, diced on top of salad, or simply mashed with lime juice. I also always have cucumbers and radishes. So I came up with this little appetizer because these three together are pretty amazing. And look at that plate. It is so pretty! We use the cucumber and radish rounds to scoop up the avo mash. Easy, healthy, kid friendly.

1 avocado
The juice of 1 lime
2 big radishes
1 Kirby cucumber
Salt, a pinch

Mash the avocado with the lime. Add salt, to taste.

Slice the cucumber into rounds. Slice one radish into rounds. Slice the other into matchsticks.

Spoon the avocado into a round mold and place it in the middle of hte plate. Or, simply pile the mashed avo on the plate. Surround with slices of radishes and cucumbers. Top with more radishes.

Cut a little lime triangle for garnish. That’s optional! Enjoy!


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