Rosh Hashanah: Date Caramel Mini Apples


I love traditions but sometimes you just have to change them up a little bit! On Rosh Hashanah it is tradition to dip apples in honey for a sweet new year. But of course, we are vegan so honey is not optimal. But another tradition are caramel apples. So, I combined the two!

I use my melon baller to make little apple balls. And then use lollipop sticks to make them dippable. And then we all get one and dip into homemade date caramel for a sweet new year!

Note: I use divine caramel flavored Sukkari dates fromย Royal Dates. When I make caramel out of Medjool dates, I usually add lucuma and maca powder. But these dates are out of control caramelly!


Date Caramel
12 Sukkari dates
1 cup homemade cashew milk

Pit the dates and place into the Vitamix. Add the cashew milk and process until the caramel is creamy and perfect. Store in a jar in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Macintosh apples, enough for how ever many people you are having

Use the melon baller to make little apple balls. Stick lollipop sticks into the apples. Dip into the caramel. Enjoy and happy new year!

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