Fight Colds/Feel Better Shots


We named these “fight colds/feel better shots” because that is exactly what they are. All of the elements do their jobs including but not limited to:

Ginger: immune boosting, detoxing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxing
Lemon Juice: immune boosting, detoxing
Cayenne Pepper: anti-cold, anti-flu, anti-fungal

And now that we are about to leave our summer vacation bubble and head back to the city, we need to make sure we are fortified for the school year!

I had to buy some new equipment for this project but it is well worth it. I got a dozen of these cute little 2oz. bottles and these little stainless steel funnels so that we could properly portion out our shots and not waste a drop! I made these in the Vitamix and I can’t vouch for them if made in a blender. So you know what I say? It’s time to get a Vitamix!

This recipe makes about 11 2oz. shots. The size of ginger and turmeric varies but really some amount like what is pictured below is fine.

1 3/4 cup filtered water
The juice of 4 lemons
1 piece of big ginger
3 pieces turmeric
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
11 2oz. bottles
1 funnel
1 fine mesh strainer


 Pour the water into the Vitamix. Squeeze in the fresh lemon juice.

Peel the ginger and add it to the Vitamix. Next, add the turmeric, unpeeled. Add the cayenne pepper.

Start the Vitamix on low and then turn it up and let it rip until it is yellow and you don’t hear any more grinding.

Set the fine mesh strainer over a 2 cup measuring cup and pour the mixture through. Press the remaining pulp with the back of a spoon and get out as much as you can. There will be only a small amount of pulp left. You an also skip this step.

Set the bottles up in an assembly line and get the funnel ready. Have a spoon handy to mix the measuring cup every few pours to make sure the pulp doesn’t settle and it is evenly distributed among the bottles.

Pour the shots and then twist the covers on tightly. Store in the refrigerator. Shake them up before shooting them and enjoy!

52 thoughts on “Fight Colds/Feel Better Shots

  1. This recipe makes 11 2oz bottles and I take one daily but they are only good for 1 week. Do you think it will be ok for me to take the entire 11 days? Does that make since?? Lol

  2. Love this idea, just got my bottles, but will add black pepper . I’ve always used black pepper when turmeric involved so I’ve copied and will paste why. Capsaicin is not effective in increasing bioavailability of curcumin when compared with piperine. To increase the absorption of turmeric, we need piperine, not capsaicin. … You cannot replace black pepper with cayenne pepper when taking turmeric. However, you still add cayenne pepper for additional benefits.

  3. Does a blender work for this? What does the Vitamix do that the blender doesn’t? Would hate to get all this only to find out it doesn’t work in the blender for whatever reason.

  4. i am sure a blender would work just fine. a vitamix is just way more powerful. but you can blend for longer and it should do the trick. be sure to strain.

  5. I made my bottles this weekend, I used 1/2 teaspoon of both cayenne as well as 1/2 teaspoon of the ground black. Those little bottles chug down so quick you don’t get lit on fire. Next batch I’m adding a clove of fresh garlic to even boost it more. Thank you Lisa for recipe, and I bought little bottles just like yours. This is such a time saver idea and perfect for not wanting to deal with my turmeric and ginger everyday as I do.

  6. I would add black pepper maybe 1/4 tsp. To this recipe. I eat Turmeric root, 1/4” daily and always take a pinch of black pepper with it because it increases the absorption of the Turmeric (Curcumin) exponentially.

  7. Anyone tried putting these through a juicer instead? I don’t have a vitamix, can’t afford one right now and not sure that my blender can handle it.

  8. Hi there! This sounds awesome…just 1 question..How big are the pieces of ginger/turmeric? In inches, 1 2 3 4 inches? This way I have some idea of how much to use 🤔😁

  9. Hey thanks for the recipe had something similar in Costco it’s call liquid turmeric with monk fruit but super pricy and we are family of 6 was looking and found your amazing blog I want to thank you for that also can we consume more then 11 days or is it just 11 days only?
    Consuming more would it hurt or damage anything??
    Thanks alot

  10. honestly, i think it lasts forever! but i am not a manufacturer so i can’t guarantee, like in a store, but i make a batch and keep them for a long time.

  11. To the person asking if this works in a juicer…yes I’ve been using a recipe similar to this one every year at flu time for the past 3-4 years. Works like a charm. And I have never added black pepper. But I may try it next flu season.

  12. Hello, great blog! Do you have any thoughts on how your recipe would work in a breville juicer high powered juicer? Thanks in advance 🙂 Looking forward to making these for my partner to see if it will help reduce his inflammation & his arthritic pain!

  13. i have no idea how it would work in a juicer. i am sure it would be good tho i am not sure about the proportions. hope it helps heal!

  14. I’ve been making these for years but add the core of a pineapple to help with arthritis, lemon peel and raw honey. Amazing stuff!

  15. I’m going to try these recipes starting today. Although I dont have the little bottles. So would it be ok just to store it in a jar of some sort?

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