Zucchini Lasagna Stacks


Isn’t that the cutest stack of goodness? It is a zucchini lasagna! I found an adorably fat, round zucchini. So cute right?! I thought it would be perfect to turn into a little lasagna stack. So easy – I used tempeh bolognese that I had in the freezer (but you can use any sauce) and my favorite Kite Hill ricotta cheese. Then, I just simply baked it.

Notes: I cut the zucchini into 6 slices, three per lasagna stack. I don’t have a mandoline so my slices are not exactly perfect and it doesn’t matter! I like that they are uneven…it feels rustic! And also I don’t bake it for too long so that the zucchini comes out al dente. If you can find one of these, make this!


1 round zucchini
1 cup sauce
1/2 cup vegan ricotta
Olive oil, for brushing
Vegan parmesan, for garnish

Preheat the oven to 350. Slice the zucchini into rounds and sprinkle both sides with a tiny bit of salt. After 5 minutes, dab the water that rises to the surface with a paper towel.

Brush both sides of each zucchini with olive oil. Place the bottom slices into a Pyrex or other baking dish. Gently layer sauce and cheese and then a zucchini round and do it again until you top it off with the last piece of zucchini.

Bake for 30 minutes until it is nice and hot. Turnย on the broiler and broil for 5 minutes to brown the tops.

Enjoy with a sprinkle of vegan parm!

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