How to Skin Tomatoes

IMG_9599IMG_9602I’ve been loving all of the fresh tomatoes from the garden and farmer’s market this summer. And, I found a great method for skinning tomatoes in the NY Times. I prefer this method of getting the skins off vs. the scoring/blanching. It’s super easy – grate the tomatoes on the box grater! This method yields the perfect “crushed tomato” texture that I like to use to make tomato sauce.


Cut the tomatoes in half horizontally. You can squeeze out the seeds if you like but I prefer to have them in the mix. Press the cut side of the tomato against the large holes of a box grater and grate the tomato flesh into a bowl. Discard the skins.

Depending on the kind of tomatoes you use, you will get varying amounts. Pour into a measuring cup to see how much you got.

Make a batch of homemade tomato sauce right away. Adjust your sauce recipe for your yield. Then, use the sauce right away, store it in the refrigerator for a few days, or freeze it for delicious fresh tomato sauce in the middle of winter. Enjoy!


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