Vegan Mofo 2015!


It is that time of year again –The Vegan Month of Food! Starting tomorrow, September 1st, vegans around the world will be doing what we do best: talking about food, taking pictures of food, writing about food and eating food!

In 2012, in addition to recipes, I posted restaurant and cookbook reviews, health and wellness information, links to vegan writers and important websites, and interviews. In 2013, I spent the month experimenting with the whole foods plant based diet where I cooked without oil, used less refined sugar, and little to no salt. And last year, in 2014, I did my own recipe roundups where I categorized my favorite recipes into groups like appetizers, blue plate specials, pasta, ice cream, salad, and my all time faves.

This year is going to be a little different. The MoFo team has created a list of prompts that we will all follow this year, like favorite breakfast, something blue, lunch on the go, etc. And because social media has really changed the way we share our lives, this year I am going to be posting on Instagram and Facebook in addition to the blog.

There may be different posts on different platforms, depending on what is going that day so follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

You too can get in on the fun! Repost and regram using the hashtags #vgnmf15 and #veganmofo to spread the vegan love!

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