Hearts of Palm Salad AKA Vegan Lobster Roll


When I was growing up, we always went to this place called Lobster Roll on the east end of Long Island where we got, you guessed it, lobster rolls. Recently I have been reading about the famous seafood tower they are making at Crossroads Kitchen using hearts of palm and I realized that I use hearts of palm for faux crab cakes called palm cakes. Why not use them for a lobster style salad?!

This is so simple it is not even a recipe and it is so good! This makes enough for 2 open faced sandwiches.

1 can hearts of palm
1 or 2 stalks of celery
Mayo, homemade or store bought
Crusty bread, homemade or store bought

Drain the hearts of palm. Run your knife through it until they are chopped up, leaving a few big chunks.

Dice the celery. Mix the hearts of palm and celery with a small amount of mayo, adding more to your desired consistency.

Place the bread under the broiler to toast it. Top with a mound of salad. Enjoy!

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