Matzo & Kite Hill Cream Cheese


I have been transported to my pre-vegan days. During Passover our favorite thing in my house was to eat cream cheese on matzo. Well, yesterday I found Kite Hill’s Cream Cheese at Whole Foods along with organic whole wheat matzo and we are back in business!


I have to say that hands down Kite Hill makes the best “cheese” product on the market. Their number one product is their ricotta cheese which, to me, is just like cottage cheese. It is so ridiculously good I almost can’t deal with how good it is but it is almost never available. Insert sad face here.  🙁  In fact, the one time I did find it, I ate it out right of the container while we were shopping and there was nothing left for me to blog about.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s find. Kite Hill Cheeses are an exclusive product of Whole Foods. Every time we visit Whole Foods no matter where we are, I ask for Kite Hill. Any Kite Hill. Yesterday, the Lake Grove Whole Foods had the cream cheese – both the plain and chive versions. I bought both, of course.


The cheese is made from almond milk so the texture is light and creamy. It is not as heavy as cashew based cheeses and the ingredients are super pure. Compared to other vegan cream cheeses, this wins hands down. Hands down. It’s creamy. It’s smooth. It’s real.

We have been planning our future cream cheese projects while munching on our matzo starting with cream cheese and jelly, cream cheese and tomatoes, and cream cheese and avocados. Not to mention cream cheese frosting, filling, and cream cheese based sauces. Oh the possibilities!

With the exception of the labels and packaging, which could use some serious help, I have only positive things to say about Kite Hill. I hope you find it soon in your local Whole Foods!


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