My 4-Year Blogiversary & My Must Have Small Kitchen Gadgets


I can’t believe I am still blogging four years later! Thanks for your interest in and enthusiasm for everything I post. I love talking to you all and making new friends out in the blogosphere. Also, through this blog, I have had the opportunity to review cookbooks and restaurants and test out new vegan products. What a joy!

My vegan cooking project sure has come a long way. As I have gotten more proficient in the kitchen, I have come to realize that having the right tools are the keys to success. Last year, I highlighted my top 5 kitchen gadgets. This year, I listed my must have small kitchen gadgets.


1. Stainless steel citrus squeezer
I love my citrus squeezer and use it multiple times a day. I used to have an enamel one but it started to peel so I replaced it with this amazing, stainless steel squeezer that is, quite frankly, so much better.


2. Garlic press
I love my garlic press. It is super strong so I don’t even have to peel the garlic cloves.


3. Small spoonulas
My son and I like to find colorful kitchen tools and he picked out these “spoonulas” at Williams Sonoma. Mine is the yellow one; his is the orange one. They are perfect for scraping out the Vitamix and mixing other things together too.


4. Ice cream scoopers
I cannot live without these. Great for meatballs. Great for cupcakes. Great for cookies. The one on the left is a 4 tablespoon scoop and the one on the right is a 1 tablespoon scoop. 


5. Two (2) sets of measuring spoons
I have to have two sets of measuring spoons. It just makes life easier when making a recipe that calls for the same measure of different ingredients.


6. Mini whisk
I love this little baby. Great for small batch marinades and mixes.


7. Chain Mail Scrubber for Cast Iron
This is how I clean my cast iron skillet.

I am sure I will find some new gadgets to play with in the future. What are your must have and most utilized gadgets?

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