The BluePrint Cleanse


I just completed a 5-day Excavation cleanse by BluePrint Cleanse (BPC). What a week! I feel energetic, light, clean, bright and super healthy!

I decided to do a cleanse because I felt like I needed to give my digestive system a break. I love to cook and I eat super clean and healthy but once in a while I like a good cleanse.

Here is how it works. You order however many days you want to cleanse for and BluePrint delivers to your door. I got my first delivery Sunday night so I was all set Monday morning and a second delivery on Wednesday to finish out the week. The bottles are packed in a special foil insulation with lots of ice packs and I got a special little BPC traveling bag to tote around town.

I chose the Excavation cleanse, which is the most intense cleanse BPC offers, because “Excavation is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance, and seriously rest your insides…Excavation takes you much deeper; it digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling brand spanking new.”

Yes, exactly!

There are 6 juices per day (the same ones each day) four of which are green (that’s 1, 2, 3 and 5). The 4th juice is a spicy lemonade and the last bottle of the day is slightly sweetened cashew milk which turns into the best end of day dessert ever.

The green juices actually taste great, which is a feat, because for me, green juices can be dense and difficult to get down. Also, in the Excavation cleanse there are no juices with high glycemic ingredients like carrots, apples or beets so I didn’t have any crazy sugar highs or mood swings. “”Excavation focuses on juices that trigger detox and elimination, such as citrus (spicy lemonade), which act as “cleaners” and green vegetable tonics which act as “healers” and, ahem, “sweepers.””

So how was my week? As I knew it would be, day 1 was a bit challenging. I was definitely hungry and I had to run to the bathroom a lot but that all started to mellow out as the week went on. I found myself drinking the juices at 1 to 2 hour intervals, with room temperature water in between, and finishing the cashew milk between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. The hunger pangs subsided and by day 3 I felt fine, like it was totally normal not to eat and only drink.

Admittedly, I thought about food much of the time but in a way that didn’t make me feel hungry but more in way that made me congratulate myself on how well I eat, the foods I love, and what, if any changes I might make in the near future. One thing I will continue to do is have a room temperature glass of water with the juice of half of a lemon right when I wake up. Oh, and, even though I had to make dinner for my son and husband, I had prepped over the weekend so I had meals on hand that were easy to reheat and serve.

I have done cleanses in the past but BluePrint is definitely the tastiest, most nutritious, most convenient and well thought out cleanse I have done. I feel fantastic and totally ready to eat again. I’m starting off with a perfectly ripe avocado in the a.m. I highly recommend embarking on a cleanse when you feel ready.

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