Taste Test: Miyoko’s Kitchen Handcrafted Artisan Vegan Cultured Cheese


Miyoko Schinner is a legend in the vegan cooking world. I bought her book Artisan Vegan Cheese when it came out two years ago but I never made a recipe. I supported the Kickstarter campaign for her vegan cooking show Vegan Mashup on Delicious TV just so I could watch her in action.

And now, Miyoko launched Miyoko’s Kitchen where she makes artisan vegan cheeses (which are actually cultured nut products) and now I don’t need the book and can just order online!

I liked cheese growing up but nothing fancy. Swiss cheese on toast, American cheese in macaroni and cheese, cream cheese on a bagel, or once in a while a fancy variation at a restaurant or something. Now I get to choose from these very fancy and beautiful handcrafted vegan cheeses. But which to buy? Miyoko’s Mix – why not get it all? – is what the website said. So I did!


And last night we had a cheese tasting party. Grapes, apples, and eight different cheeses. We loved them all. Each has their own flavor and texture, true to their descriptions on the website (see below), and they last for a few months in the refrigerator and get better with time.

Here are some ideas for cooking projects but first I am going to toast a scooped out bagel and slather it with the double cream chive. This is the closest thing to cream cheese and chives from when I was a girl and I could not be happier! Then I want to melt the sundried tomato garlic into a big bowl of pasta and make risotto with the rustic alpine or the winter truffle. And then I want to sit with a plate of sliced apples and eat the rest or just go into the refrigerator and take a slice straight up.

What a joy that the vegan world has come to this! There can no longer be the excuse that  “I can’t go vegan because I would miss cheese too much” because these cheeses are healthier, environmentally friendly, and cruelty free.

Place your order ASAP and enjoy a whole new level of plant based cuisine!

These are the cheeses from Miyoko’s Mix with descriptions from their website:

No. 1 Classic Double Cream Chive – Buttery, savory, mild herbal garlic flavor.

No. 2 Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic – Creamy and robust with deep Mediterranean flavors.


No. 3 High Sierra Rustic Alpine – Semi-hard wheel with nutty, sweet overtones and a buttery finish.

No. 4 Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf – Wine-soaked fig leaves caress a gorgeous soft, fresh, aromatic wheel.

No. 6 French Style Winter Truffle – Elegant, woodsy, earthy flavors full of umami in a luxuriously creamy base.


No. 7 Aged English Sharp Farmhouse – Hard, aged round with sharp, complex flavors and a long finish.

No. 8 Aged English Smoked Farmhouse – Semi-hard with rich, smoky, sharpness that lingers.

No. 9 Country Style Herbes De Provence – Mildly tangy, coated in lavender and herbs for a touch of sweetness.


And then there is this. Blue cheese! My son wanted to help me take a picture and the natural light was fading. He got his Anakin Skywalker light saber.


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