Bread, Tortilla & Cracker Roundup

To me, there is nothing better than homemade bread. Right out of the oven. And homemade crackers. And homemade tortillas. Once you go homemade, you can’t go back.

1. Rustic Bread. And then turn it into crostini or panzanella.

2. Corn Bread. Great any time of year. Working on a new Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing. Post coming soon!

3. Pita Bread. So much easier than I ever thought possible. And impressive!

4. My Grandma’s Banana Bread and Date & Nut Bread. Tastes just like my Grandmother Joan made it. I love impressing my Father and my Uncle with these. They turn into two little boys! I have also posted variations to the banana bread like zucchini banana bread, pumpkin banana bread, and banana walnut bread.

5. Vegan Challah. Holla! Then turn it into French Toast.

6. Raisin Walnut Bread. Very old school vegan from The China Study Cookbook.

IMG_27817. Chapatis. Indian tortillas.

8. Homemade Flour Tortilla. We can’t eat these fast enough.


9. Homemade Corn Tortillas. Ditto.

IMG_122210. Chef Chloe’s Goldfish Crackers. So much fun to make.

IMG_251511. Gluten-free Crackers. Love these.


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