Salad Roundup

Even though I have a lot of recipes for salad, this roundup is not about salad salad like greens and stuff. It’s about dishes we call salad.

1. Panzanella. Two ways.

Panzanella (Peppers, Cucumbers & Tomatoes)

Panzanella #2 (Tomatoes & Onions)

2. Coleslaw. Also make this with red cabbage, carrots and apples.

3. Potato Salad. My famous recipe.

4. Warm Lentil Potato Salad. Great combo.

5. Waldorf Salad. A veganized classic.


6. Caprese Salad. Or what to make with those gorgeous summer tomatoes.


7. Grilled Romaine. A great presentation.

8. Carrot Raisin Salad. Great for big groups.

IMG_09149. Three Bean Salad. Also great with peppers, carrots and red wine vinegar. And two beans. Or even one.

10. Heirloom Tomato Salad. Summer perfection.

11. Cucumber Salad.ย Always a great dish. Especially with cucumbers from a friend’s garden.



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