Burger Roundup

There is nothing like a good burger, right?! With the right toppings and sides, a vegan burger makes for a well rounded, filling, nutritious meal!

Just one thing. Bean-based/vegan burgers get a little smushy after the first bite. So don’t get upset when it starts coming out the sides of the bread or bun. Have a fork handy and you still be in burger heaven!

1. Black Quinoa Veggie Burger. Or white quinoa. Or red. Or mixed. Regardless, this burger is number one!

2. Sweet Potato Lentil Burger. We love sweet potatoes. We love lentils.

3. Lentil Burger. If only for the onions and Russian Dressing!

4. Chickpea Burger. Chickpeas. And kale.


5. Black Bean Burger. Black beans, corn, and a great combination of spices. And of course, sweet potato fries!

6. Tempeh Burger. Super filling but super great!


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