Ice Cream Shmice Cream #15: S’Mores


IMG_5380This is my ice cream version of the best dessert ever! We have been making them all summer in our fire pit and I thought it would be fun to take the same ingredients and turn them into ice cream. Love it! And it is so easy too. And best of all, I finally got to use my culinary torch to smoke those marshmallows just like on the bonfire. Fun with fire in the kitchen!

2 cans organic coconut milk
1 package of Dandies marshmallows
6 graham crackers
1/2 cup vegan mega chocolate chunks

Torch the marshmallows with a kitchen torch or place them on a lined baking sheet and place under the broiler until the tops are toasted, about 5 minutes. Let cool.

Place the coconut milk and toasted marshmallows in the Vitamix and blend for a minute. It will be mostly smooth with tiny bits of marshmallow. Perfect!

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Pour mixture into ice cream maker and churn for 10 minutes.

While the ice cream is churning, place the chocolate chunks to the food processor and process until fine. Take out and then process the graham crackers into crumbs.


Add them both to the ice cream maker and let it go until everything is mixed together.

Turn out into a Tovolo container or a freezer safe container with a piece of wax paper on top. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Lisa, did you have a recipe for popsicles in the zoku maker?

    Alissa Michelin Nierenberg

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