Tricolor Quinoa Salad Topped with Avocado, Radishes & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


This salad is inspired by the Stuffed Avocado on the menu at Candle 79. In my version, I add cooked leeks and spring garlic to the zucchini and peas. The toasted pumpkin seeds and sliced radishes add something extra special but it’s the fresh lemon juice that makes it lunch perfection. Yum!

2 cups COOKED tricolor (or white) quinoa
1 leek
1 spring garlic
1 medium zucchini
1 cup frozen green peas
Sea salt, to taste

Toasted pumpkin seeds
Sliced radishes
Fresh lemon juice

To get about 2 cups of quinoa, cook 1 cup of uncooked quinoa. You might have some left over. Set aside when done or even better make it ahead of time.

Prep your mise en place. Dice the leek (and clean it well), the spring garlic, and the zucchini. Start by adding the leeks to the pan with a little water and when the leeks start to soften, add the garlic. Next, add the zucchini and a little water. Add the green peas and a little more water. Cook until bright. Season with a pinch of sea salt.

Mix the quinoa and the vegetables together.

Eat the quinoa salad just like this or top it with diced avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, sliced radishes, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice over the top. Enjoy!

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