Friday Night Bites: Kidney Beans in Enchilada Sauce with Brown Rice, Guacamole & Corn Tortillas


People always ask me how I can cook all week. I try to make large batches and freeze portion sizes of such things as sauce, so that by Friday night, leftovers are easy to pull together.

Tonight I needed a quick and easy light dinner before heading out to Citifield for a Mets game. I had kidney beans from earlier in the week and enchilada sauce and tortillas in the freezer (which I defrosted in the morning.) And, of course, I always have rice, avocados, onions, lime and cilantro in the house.

Corn tortillas
Kidney beans in enchilada sauce
Brown rice with onions and cilantro

Heat up the tortillas and bend them in half.

Get the rice going.

Make the guacamole by chopping half an onion and a handful of cilantro and drop most of it into a bowl. Peel and avocado and add to the bowl. Add the juice of a lime and a pinch of salt. Mash up the avocado with a fork and mix together.

Toss any extra onions and cilantro into the rice as it cooks.

Pour the enchilada sauce and kidney beans into a pot and heat through.

Serve family style and enjoy!

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