Treeline Tree Nut Cheese


My son and I spent the day in Sag Harbor. We went to the South Fork Natural History Museum and learned all about the native birds and sea creatures of Long Island. They have this really cool terrarium of sorts with all kinds of living snails, crabs, clams, oysters, and starfish and their respective shells just like on our beach.

The docent was very knowledgeable and I got to ask lots of questions. Now I know what shells we are looking at when we take our nature walks including clam shells, snail shells, and jingle shells. The best thing we learned was what whelk egg capsules are. We see them on our beach all the time but had no idea what they were.

The whole experience left us in even more awe of Mother Nature and an even more profound acceptance of all life. Even little snails, tiny little crabs, starfish and all of the rest of the little creatures in there are living, breathing beings. What a gift to be part of this beautiful world.

Anyway, afterwards we headed over to Provisions, a natural foods market and organic cafe for lunch. As we were ordering our tempeh reuben and tofu I spied a little box of Treeline Cheese. I had tasted it at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s shindig this year but I had yet to see it anywhere to buy it! What fun. I snapped up a box of scallion style soft cheese and couldn’t wait to come home and eat it!


Of course, cheese is best on crackers so I whipped up a bunch of my homemade crackers and made a meal of this amazing cheese. Please check it out!


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